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3D letters

3D signs, letters or logos can have a prompt effect and pass on a feeling of prestige, helping your business become more prominent.


3D letters can be custom created to suit your needs from a scope of materials including aluminium, acrylic, stainless steel, PVC, MDF, Foam or a mixture of any of the mentioned materials.


In addition, Illumination with LED and neon lighting effects can be added to the 3D letters to maximise their impact.

Sidelit light boxes:


Custom manufactured light boxes for commercial & retail environments.

Light boxes can be made in various styles. Slimline edge lit and illuminated for retail with acrylic or fabric faces.

Enlighten your image or message with digitally printed or computer cut translucent vinyl or fabrics.



Light up with LED, Neon or Fluorescent Light boxes.

The light boxes we make are exceptionally produced to your necessities. Brilliance is seemingly the most critical angle to consider. Whether you require delicate or vivid light box brightening, we will be able to assist you in doing so. In addition to manufacturing your signage, we also install and service your light box.

Get noticed with Illuminated signs.

A 3D illuminated sign will have a prestigious look during the day and bright at night, grabbing the attention of potential customers.

Fascia Signage

Fascia signage is a common and vital sign sort for most organizations, giving you character and highlighting your business offerings to potential customers.


We produce creative and innovative fascia signs using the newest technology and machinery to ensure your signage stands out.

Channel Letters

Our team at 3D power signs use the latest technology, machinery and equipment to offer the following services: 


Specialised in acrylic fabricated letters

  • 3D Fabricated illuminated letter
  • acrylic face with acrylic return


Accu- Bend Machine

  • 3D fabricated illuminated letters, light box/logo or any shape
  • acrylic face with aluminium return
  • we use the first machine in the world to notch, flange and bend complete channel letters. Accu –bend is recognized as the market leading channel letter bending machine. It can produce single- piece letters, shapes and logos up to 15 feet tall.


CNC Channel Letter bending machine

Channel letters can be fabricated using pre-coloured returns, or can be painted in any desired colour.